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At Astronidan, we follow a unique approach in reading birth charts and making a prediction about future events. This entire approach is a five-step process.

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1. Birth Details  

We collect necessary birth details such as date and time of birth, place of birth, and the name that you frequently use. We also ask about the source and accuracy of birth information (date & time). Even if you don’t know accurate birth time, we correct that using our tested and verified models of birth time corrections. 

2. Past Events

We also collect details of at least five significant past events in your life, which should be mix both excellent and adverse experiences. We need information such as the date of past events and a brief description of events. If you don’t recollect the exact time, approximate information will be sufficient for this.

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3. Precise Calculation

We create various charts and tables (Rasi, Bhav Chalit, Navamsa, Varga, Shadbala, Dashas, and Ashtakavarga) as prescribed in core Vedic astrology literature. We do all this through a very advanced and most precise astrology software. 

4. Prediction Model

We create a prediction model basis planetary position and shared past experiences and qualify the influence of planets in different aspects of life. If the location of the planets does not explain the prior experience, we readjust the birth time accordingly. It is a very complicated and challenging step that only a learned astrologer can perform this task, and no computer or application can do this.

5. Recommendations

We study the area where you need help and guidance and suggest a favorable time and future path, as seen through Vedic astrology. We prepare a concise three-page report summarizing analysis and advising remedies and recommendations basis ask. If someone has a preference for Mantras and gemstones, we also provide our guidance.

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AstroNidan is an astrology consultation platform where you get accurate astrology predictions and kundali / horoscope matching powered by Machine Learning (AI)

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