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AstroNidan is a very novel initiative started by an IIM Alumni focused on providing enlightening experience seen through the Vedic astrology.

We are a group of volunteers having a common interest in astrology, and we study ancient books of astrology, simplify interpretation of Sanskrit shlokas and statistically validate and rank those principles in order of significance.

At this moment, the AstroNidan team is getting led by one of our top volunteer Sudheer Jaisawal, who is alumni of IIM Lucknow. Sudheer is also a Computer Science Engineer and has vast experience over statistical modeling, data analytics, marketing, and finance.

So far, the AstroNidan team has tested more than ~1000 principles and ranked their effectiveness in different areas of life. Very soon, we would be launching a book with all those details and findings.

AstroNidan team has created a link of professional astrologer who works in the background and fulfills the request of its clients. We follow a unique approach for making a prediction and have core values on which we never compromise. Each consultation reports prepared by its astrologer get audited twice for quality check and then sent to our clients.

We, a group of volunteers represented by AstroNidan, are continuously researching and exploring new boundaries of Vedic astrology and validating new principles. We regularly verify and updates new findings in our research database. We use various data processing technologies such as Python, Pandas, Statistical Test (Chi-Square, Regression, ANOVA ). We are documenting our findings, and we will publish our research papers in astrology journals.

The contributions that we receive in providing astrology services get deployed in research for astrology, as there is a significant cost involved in managing servers, cloud infrastructure, books, and software. We give value to our clients, which no one can deliver. Your small contribution keeps us motivated to do our work in the field of astrology.

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