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Pisces’s artistry extends into the bedroom, where they enjoy living out their many fantasies: They are up for just about anything, even though they can be protective about discussing their needs in bed until they really trust someone. Ask them what their fantasies are—this dreamy sign is sure to have a few! They are romantic,...

June 12, 2021PiscesSun Sign

Fantastical and whimsical, Pisces wants to be swept off their feet. Yes, they’re fish, which means they have fins, but romantic Pisces is a poet who doesn’t mind a metaphor. But there is a secret side to Pisces, as well. They need to hide sometimes. They enjoy being alone, in the dark, especially by the...

June 12, 2021PiscesSun Sign

A siren’s song lures you to a dangerous edge . . . should you take the leap? Is this the end, or the beginning of something new?Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and as such, feels like an old soul to many of us and to themself, too. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet...

June 12, 2021PiscesSun Sign

“Predictable” is rarely a word used to describe Aquarius; however, in bed, you may find that your Aquarius lover has certain ol’ reliable routines, kinks, toys, or techniques that regularly work for them. Don’t mess with their process! Call them “boring” for their routines, and expect to be called judgmental and never hear from them...

June 12, 2021AquariusSun Sign

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